Border security

by Syeda Tahreem Bukhari

No country can exist without borders and the protection of borders is essential to the existence of a state. State sovereignty and territorial integrity are threatened if the borders are not secured. The purpose of border security is to keep terrorists, illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people from entering the respective country while promoting lawful entry and exit of legitimate travelers and commerce, which is essential to state security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. For sustainable peace and prosperity in the region, Pakistan and Afghanistan must resolve their issues regarding the Durand Line which is the part and parcel of the British legacy. Both countries should regulate their borders to avoid any misadventure by non-state actors. The terrorist attacks that took place on both sides led to misperceptions between the two neighboring states. The mutual blame game must be ended and the borders should be regulated. The state should not allow its soil to be used against the other state with impunity.

Pakistan and Afghanistan share the longest border and the same religion, culture, and language in many areas. The Durand Line is used by thousands from both sides every day. It divides many of the villages which results in the movement of those villagers across the border frequently. The vendors who use the borders to sell different things like food items, vegetables, fruits, clothes, etc. should be treated as small businessmen instead of smugglers. They are poor people earning sustenance via selling items across borders. To facilitate these vendors’ the government should make a market in border areas. It should be made a tax-free zone to facilitate the locals from both sides and to avoid smuggling. A large number of Afghanistan residents came to Pakistan to get medical care, study, work, and seek asylum. These issues should be treated on humanitarian grounds, Pakistan can facilitate them by constructing hospitals and educational institutes near border areas. In this way, it will be easy for them to monitor their movement and make sure of their return. When borders will be regulated then it will be possible to control the smuggling of drugs, weapons, vehicles, and other banned items.

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