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Book talk on "Extremism and Counter-Extremism" by Dr. Sadia Nasir

On February 19, 2024, CISS AJK  hosted its third book talk featuring “Extremism and Counter-Extremism” by Dr. Sadia Nasir. Dr. Sadia emphasized the historical context, current trends, and the influence of external actors on promoting extremism, along with strategies for countering it. Qurat ul Ain moderated the session, and Zohaib Altaf provided a concise introduction to CISS AJK and its accomplishments. Dr Asma Khawaja concluded the event by discussing the geopolitical implications of counter-extremism mechanisms.

Book Launch Ceremony of "KAMAL NAMA" By Ambassador Arif Kamal (Late) Translated by Mujahid Eshai

Centre for International Strategic Studies AJK organized a book launch event for “Kamal Nama,”the Urdu version of “Reminiscence of My Wanderings,” written by the late Ambassador Arif Kamal and translated by Mujahid Eshai. This book launch primarily attributed to the contributions of Amb Arif kamal’s for AJK, which are highly regarded by Kashmiris.Several dignitaries from AJK participated, acknowledging our efforts for arranging this event (Guest list is attached as Annex A).

The entire team demonstrated diligence in their contributions, resulting in a notable event. Associate Research Officer, Abdul Rahman moderated the event. The honored guest for the event was the esteemed parliamentarian and opposition leader of AJK assembly Khawaja Farooq Ahmad, whose participation lent an eminent ambiance to the ceremony.

Mr. Kamal’s family, including his wife, Ms. Surya Kamal, son Mustafa Kamal, daughter Maryam Kamal, and Rahmat Kamal, attended to pay tribute. They shared stories about Mr. Kamal’s journey in writing the book while battling with cancer. They talked about Mr. Kamal’s hard work. He was an exceptionally hardworking and well-organized individual, known for his dedication and loyalty to his job. Even after retirement, he remained committed to keeping national secrets confidential, never sharing them with anyone. His disciplined work ethic and unwavering commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information were standout qualities that defined his professional integrity.

The event wasn’t just about the book; it was a chance to honor Ambassador Arif Kamal’s life and impact, creating a special and emotional atmosphere for everyone there.

This comprehensive report aims to provide an articulate and cohesive overview of the event, highlighting the key discussions and outcomes that emerged from the exchange of ideas and expertise

The Security Imperative: Pakistan Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy

On the 7th of September 2023, the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS-AJK) hosted an event as part of their ‘Book Talk’ series for a recently published book titled “The Imperative of Security: Pakistan’s Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy”.

The author of the book, a renowned Pakistani diplomat, Ambassador Zamir Akram, chaired the gathering, while the discussion was facilitated by Research Officer, Mr. Ali Hamza. The event kept its audience thoroughly engrossed with its exceptionally informative content, particularly when the Ambassador shared his extensive 38-year diplomatic journey.

The event encompassed thought-provoking discussions, delving into a wide range of topics, including the changing security paradigms in the modern world, Pakistan’s acquisition of nuclear technology, Strategic Space, Nuclear Deterrence, and future challenges. The event was actively attended by scholars representing diverse academic disciplines and walks of life. It was marked as the beginning of first-ever nuclear-related discourse in AJK, signaling a new era in academic pursuits led by CISS-AJK.

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