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Center for International Strategic Studies, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (CISS AJK) is an independent and autonomous Think Tank, under the auspicious patronage of National Command Authority (NCA), the highest civilian body on strategic issues. CISS AJK comprises of highly professional and competent research team, aims at bridging the research gaps through knowledge based critical thinking. It welcomes the knowledge community of the region to share their research studies. Primarily, we focus on the issues related to comprehensive security which includes strategic thought, nuclear politics, traditional and non-traditional security threats, new trends in warfare (character and conduct), women, peace and security, South Asia and Jammu and Kashmir. Being the first ever think tank on the subject in AJK, it is our responsibility to contribute in capacity building, discourse analysis and to lead the academic narratives. I have no doubt that the resilience, passion and academic excellence of our team will create the desired compatibility between international academic standards and local wisdom.

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Annual Report 2022-23

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Conference on ‘From Campaign Rhetoric to Diplomatic Realities: Modi’s Reelection and the India Pakistan Equation’

On June 10th, 2024, the Center for International Strategic Studies AJK (CISSAJK) visited Asria Schools and Colleges in Chella Bandi, Muzaffarabad, for a Strategic Outreach Program. Led by Executive Director Dr. Asma Shakir Khawaja, the team included RO Saba Ghulam Nabi, Nazia Sheikh, ARO Tayyaba Khurshid, Nimra Javed, and Rimsha Malik. The team received a warm welcome from the school staff and students.
The session was moderated by RO Saba Ghulam Nabi, with RO Nazia Sheikh introducing CISS AJK to the Asria School staff and students. Managing Coordinator Reena Khawaja delivered welcome remarks, expressing appreciation for the CISS AJK outreach program. She also briefed the students about the entire program.
ARO Nimra Javed presented on Artificial Intelligence, discussing how emerging technologies like AI are transforming contemporary dynamics . She emphasized on the importance of understanding these changes. ARO Rimsha Malik gave an introductory lecture on Cyber Security Essentials, explaining the relevance of cyber security in the digital age and how students can ensure their security online. ARO Tayyaba Khurshid concluded with a lecture on the 76 years of the Kashmir struggle and Pakistan’s solidarity. Her talk covered the historical analysis of the Kashmir issue, its status as a long-standing dispute at the UN, Pakistan’s steadfast support for the Kashmir cause, and the contemporary dynamics following the revocation of Articles 370 and 35A.
After the lectures, the research team conducted an assessment to gauge the students’ understanding of the topics discussed. Dr. Asma Shakir Khawaja concluded the session by highlighting the importance of emerging technologies and the opportunities for students to excel in these fields. She motivated the students to pursue studies in these areas, emphasizing that Pakistan and Kashmir need cyber and AI experts to meet the growing demands of the time.
The principal of Asria Schools expressed appreciation for the CISS AJK team and showed interest in future collaborations.

CISS AJK on Media

Executive Director of CISS AJK, Dr. Asma Khawaja, participated in the #PTVWorld show “News Room” on June 10, 2024, with Anchor Omar Butt to discuss Narendra Modi‘s win and false flag operations. During the discussion, she said that expecting Modi to adopt a conciliatory approach would be like finding rationality in the irrationality of radicalism. She mentioned that these elections highlighted two things: first, Modi might move towards inclusive policy-making as a result of the coalition government; second, the Indian opposition will be more empowered in the Indian parliament.

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