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Center for International Strategic Studies, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (CISS AJK) is an independent and autonomous Think Tank, under the auspicious patronage of National Command Authority (NCA), the highest civilian body on strategic issues. CISS AJK comprises of highly professional and competent research team, aims at bridging the research gaps through knowledge based critical thinking. It welcomes the knowledge community of the region to share their research studies. Primarily, we focus on the issues related to comprehensive security which includes strategic thought, nuclear politics, traditional and non-traditional security threats, new trends in warfare (character and conduct), women, peace and security, South Asia and Jammu and Kashmir. Being the first ever think tank on the subject in AJK, it is our responsibility to contribute in capacity building, discourse analysis and to lead the academic narratives. I have no doubt that the resilience, passion and academic excellence of our team will create the desired compatibility between international academic standards and local wisdom.

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Interactive Session with Academic Institutes of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Team CISS AJK today held an interactive session at Scholars College Muzaffarabad, titled “Leading the Way: Contemporary Trends for the Youth of AJK.”

Ms. Samea, Principal Scholars Foundation College of Science & IT delivered the Welcoming Remarks. The session was led by Dr. Abida Rafique, with Saba Ghulam Nabi moderating the Session. Ms. Nazia Sheikh began the session by introducing the mission and activities of CISS AJK to the audience.
The event featured several insightful lectures by Associate Research Officers (AROs).
Ms. Nimra Javed, an ARO, delivered a lecture on “Understanding Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence,” and covered the concepts of ET such as 5G, IoT, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and Blockchain. She also explored the principles of AI, distinguished machine learning from Deep Learning, and discussed their innovation potential across various sectors. She emphasized AI’s importance in today’s digital world and stressed the need for ethical AI development to build trust and maximize positive societal impact.
Ms. Rimsha Malik, ARO presented a lecture titled “Cyber Security Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide,” that introduced students to the fundamentals of cyber security, including the core principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The presentation also addressed key security challenges and common cyberattacks, aiming to underscore the importance of cyber security and provide insights into future trends in this field.
ARO, Abdul Rehman, discussed “Environmental Challenges in Azad Jammu & Kashmir,” highlighting the key environmental issues faced by the region. He pointed out the ecological impact of the Line of Control on AJK and identified the effects of India’s ambitious hydroelectric projects on the western rivers of the Indus basin.
Mr. Ifetkhar Kazmi, Chairman, Scholars College of Sciences & IT concluded the session and expressed his appreciation for the efforts and contributions of Team CISS AJK.

CISS AJK on Media

Dr. Asma Khawaja, the Executive Director of CISS AJK, engaged in a discussion as guest analyst on #PTV World’s Game Changer program with Anchor Maryam Zia on 6, May 2024, focusing on India’s Extra Territorial Killings.
During the discussion, she mentioned that India’s revisionist face is becoming evident to the world. She added that India’s interference in the internal matters of states is being presented as proud actions to attract the domestic audience. Furthermore, she stated that India’s stance on the Bhramos incident, portraying it as conducted by a few rogue elements, raises concerns about India’s ability to handle AI and other modern technologies.

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