Interactive session with academic institutes of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Team CISS AJK today held an interactive session at Scholars College Muzaffarabad, titled “Leading the Way: Contemporary Trends for the Youth of AJK.”

Ms. Samea, Principal Scholars Foundation College of Science & IT delivered the Welcoming Remarks. The session was led by Dr. Abida Rafique, with Saba Ghulam Nabi moderating the Session. Ms. Nazia Sheikh began the session by introducing the mission and activities of CISS AJK to the audience.
The event featured several insightful lectures by Associate Research Officers (AROs).
Ms. Nimra Javed, an ARO, delivered a lecture on “Understanding Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence,” and covered the concepts of ET such as 5G, IoT, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and Blockchain. She also explored the principles of AI, distinguished machine learning from Deep Learning, and discussed their innovation potential across various sectors. She emphasized AI’s importance in today’s digital world and stressed the need for ethical AI development to build trust and maximize positive societal impact.
Ms. Rimsha Malik, ARO presented a lecture titled “Cyber Security Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide,” that introduced students to the fundamentals of cyber security, including the core principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The presentation also addressed key security challenges and common cyberattacks, aiming to underscore the importance of cyber security and provide insights into future trends in this field.
ARO, Abdul Rehman, discussed “Environmental Challenges in Azad Jammu & Kashmir,” highlighting the key environmental issues faced by the region. He pointed out the ecological impact of the Line of Control on AJK and identified the effects of India’s ambitious hydroelectric projects on the western rivers of the Indus basin.
Mr. Ifetkhar Kazmi, Chairman, Scholars College of Sciences & IT concluded the session and expressed his appreciation for the efforts and contributions of Team CISS AJK.

Third consultation meeting with over 50 principals from private colleges across AJK

On May 9th,  RO Dr. Abida Rafique held a third consultation meeting with over 50 principals from private colleges across Mirpur, Bhimber, and Kotli at Mirpur AJK, as part of CISS AJK’s outreach efforts. The objective was to raise awareness among the youth of AJK regarding emerging trends, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and cybersecurity. CISS AJK will soon initiate awareness sessions in AJK through seminar sessions. 

Visit to Scholars Foundation Azad Jammu and Kashmir

CISS AJK team visited the Scholars Foundation Azad Jammu and Kashmir for a second outreach meeting. Research Officer Saba Ghulam Nabi, Nazia Sheikh, Abida Rafique, and Associate Research Officer Tayyaba Khurshid represented CISS AJK team in the meeting. ARO Tayyaba Khurshid introduced CISS AJK to the esteemed audience and RO Abida Rafique highlighted the objectives of CISS AJK outreach program. Heads of private colleges welcomed the initiative and discussed the complete plan to coordinate on areas of mutual interest.

Meeting with Principals of Private Colleges of Muzaffarabad

On the 14th of March, 2024, the Center for International Strategic Studies Azad Jammu and Kashmir (CISS AJK) convened its first consultation meeting with the leadership of Private Colleges Muzaffarabad, under the stewardship of Executive Director, Dr. Asma Khawaja. The meeting commenced with an exchange of introductory remarks, wherein both parties introduced their institutional mandates and . ARO Tayyaba Khurshid introduced the guests with the mission and activities of CISS AJK.
The discussion encompassed topics of shared concern, coupled with a deliberative discourse on the modalities required for the establishment of a formal Memorandum of Understanding between CISS AJK and the Private College Association Muzaffarabad. In this regard, an overarching strategy was delineated to pave the path towards enhanced collaboration.
Of particular significance was the recognition and commendation extended by the heads of Private Colleges towards the Outreach program spearheaded by Director Outreach, Dr. Abida Rafique, under the auspices of CISS AJK. Evidencing a pronounced interest in synergistic endeavors, the leadership of the Private Colleges expressed their keenness to engage in collaborative ventures with CISS AJK, signaling a promising trajectory of cooperation between the two entities.

Celebration of International Women's Day with Pearl Continental (PC) Muzaffarabad

Pearl Continental Muzaffrabad’s General Manager Aamir Ayyub organized a vibrant event in honor of International Women’s Day, featuring an array of influential speakers. Dr. Asma Shakir Khawja headlined the event, captivating the audience with her profound insights into gender equity and the vital role of supportive men in women’s success. Her insightful words, “I am because you are,” resonated deeply, echoing the interconnectedness of individuals in society.
Research team of CISS AJK was also present on the occasion and research officer Dr Abida delivered concluding remarks.

Visit of DG IT Board, Dr. Khalid Rafiq

On July 11, 2023, DG IT Board, Govt. Of AJK Dr. Khalid Rafiq visited CISS AJK and discussed the prospects of collaboration during an interactive session with the research team

Visit to Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell

Director Research CISS AJK Dr. Shahid Hameed and Research Officer Ali Hamza visited Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell and discussed measures to enhance mutual collaboration between JKLC and CISS AJK on Feb 21, 2023

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