Combating Online Violent Extremism Through AI: Avenues for Pakistan

by Nimra Javed
Abstract This research paper explores the potential utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool to counteract online violent extremism. The study specifically concentrates on the Pakistani landscape, recognizing the imperative for proactive measures due to the constantly evolving nature of violent extremism, particularly in the realm of internet and social media. It uses qualitative methodology as it relies primarily on extensive literature review and logical conclusions drawn from relevant research in the field. The primary focus of this inquiry lies in scrutinizing the dual-use predicament associated with AI, wherein technology serves both advantageous and detrimental roles. Additionally, the research delves into the strategies employed by extremist entities in exploiting online channels for recruitment and radicalization. The core purpose of this study however revolves around utilization of AI for effective identification and mitigation of extremist content. This objective is pursued through the application of sentiment analysis and threat intelligence mechanisms, which monitor activities across the dark web and offer anticipatory insights into potential threats. A crucial proposition set forth by this study involves the development of AI detection models tailored to the nuances of the Pakistani context.

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