Finland joining NATO: implications for Russia Ukraine war

by Nazia Sheikh

In 2022, invasion of Ukraine turn over Europe’s security backdrop and provoked Finland and its neighbor Sweden to drop years of neutrality.The move of Finland to join the NATO military alliance is a major political and strategic setback to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a historic shift of Europe’s post-cold War security background generated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Putin has long grumbled about NATO’s expansion toward Russia and somewhat used that as the explanation for the incursion of Ukraine.

Finland was worried about Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine last year, which shares 1,340 kilometers (832 miles). In World War II, Finland was defeated by the Soviet Union afterwards it remained neutral. But recently, it applied to join NATO in May 2022 for security propose because Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine gave message to Finland that there is not very much room for non-aligned in between.

A new era begins, and the period of neutrality ends; President Sauli Niinistö said before his country’s blue-and-white flag was elevated outside NATO head office.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said this is maybe the one thing that we can thank Mr. Putin for because he once again triggered something that initiated many countries to believe that they have to do more to look out for their defense and to make sure that they can deter possible Russian aggression going forward.

Russia said that it would be forced to take “reciprocal actions” to address what it called security threats created by Finland’s membership. It had also warned it would strengthen militaries near Finland if NATO sends any further troops or equipment to Finland. While NATO says it poses no danger to Russia. Finland joining NATO is a major change in the situation of Northern Europe, which was previously one of the most stable regions in the world.

President Sauli Niinistö said that Russia tried to create a circle all over the place of them for security purposes and we are not a circle. Finns themselves feel more protected, that we are living in a more stable world.

Finland is protected by NATO according to Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s “iron-clad security guarantee,” under which all member countries guarantee to come to the defense of any ally that comes under attack he also mentions that no troops will be sent to Russia unless they want help from NATO.

NATO has repeatedly stressed that it is solely a defensive alliance and does not threaten Russia. Moscow says the funneling of heavy weaponry to Ukraine by NATO countries since the war began proves the West is bent on destroying Russia.

The further expansion of NATO will not be helpful in resolving in Russia- Ukraine War. Conflict resolution is only possible when Russia’s concerns is also addressed. West should adopt accommodating approach towards Russia national interest. Russian concerns is not taken into account, will have an impact on the war in Ukraine but more influence on the growing conflict over security and resources in the Arctic region. Finland’s membership indicates the alliance against Russia and what weapons NATO places there and Russia will respond according to that will create more instability in the region.

For Russia, this development as Finland joining NATO is a major strategic and foreign policy defeat as its neighborhood cannot feel any trust towards Moscow. Russian reaction to Finland’s accession to NATO is likely, and further militarization of the Finland-Russia border which create security threats for Moscow.

Finland joining NATO will prolong the conflict in Russia Ukraine war. Nuclear proliferation will increase in Europe and also tensions between the west and Russia. It will also challenge the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament treaties that are signed between states. It will create an environment in which disarmament will be difficult and nuclear proliferation chances will be more as states develop more weapons for security and defense purposes.

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