Significance of Youm-e-Shuhada-e-Kashmir

On July 13, 2023, In-House Discussion was held on “Significance of Youm-e-Shuhada-e-Kashmir,” chaired by Dr. Shahid Hameed

G-20 Summit; A Hoax Normalcy

CISS AJK held an In House discussion on “G-20 Summit; A Hoax Normalcy” on May 22, 2023″

Modernization in Indian Air Defense System: Implications and Responses

An In House Discussion on “Modernization in Indian Air Defense System: Implications and Responses” was conducted by Research Officer Syeda Tahreem Bukhari and Research Assistant Abdul Basit on April 11,2023. R.O highlighted the motivations behind modernization in Indian Air Defence System and also critically analyze the obstacles in achieving modernization and its implications in South Asia region. While, R.A analyzed the Indian military modernization drive through theoretical lens and also shed light on policy options for Pakistan.

Azm-e-Noue: Long Live Pakistan

CISS AJK hold an inhouse discussion on Azm-e-Noue: Long Live Pakistan, along with Cake Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the Pakistan Resolution Day with a pledge to work towards the progress of our beloved homeland through in-depth research and knowledge building. Dr Asma Khawaja, ED, critically analysis Two Nation Theory and its relevance while highlighting the discrimination faced by Muslims in India and IIOJK. The RO Zohaib Altaf spoke on “Role of Nuclear Technology to Strengthen Pakistan.” He highlighted the areas where Pakistan should focus to enhance its growth. RA Tayyaba Khurshid spoke on the “Role of Women in Pakistan Progress” by paying tribute to women like Fatima Jinnah, along with examining the current challenges faced by women, government initiatives to overcome those challenges and areas where more focus is required to uplift the status of women.

Economic Security of AJK: Prospects and Way Forward

CISS AJK Research Assistant Tayyaba Khurshid presented in inhouse discussion on Economic Security of AJK: Prospects and Way Forward. AJK has huge potential to improve its economic security by diversifying economy, Investing in infrastructure, Promotion of tourism, Improvement in governance, Opening small and medium sized enterprises, Improving agricultural productivity Enhancing quality education, Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and Developing special economic zones.

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