South Asia’s Saffronised Lie-Hub

by Abdul Basit

States are an organic entity as they are run by human beings, who in their behavior are selfish and interest oriented. In contemporary multi-polar world, power accumulation and power execution has become more intense. Moreover the modern tools and techniques of warfare including media war are frequently used to meet the desired ends. The concept of hybrid warfare is successfully incorporated by states in their policy execution to fulfill their national interests. Along with other dividends, ideological disintegration has exacerbated in the post war era. Media plays a crucial role in the promulgation of the description of an idea. India the so called largest democracy has been experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift in her socio-political ideologue. This fall to populism is absolute and irreversible, it proved even more fatal when BJP secured a second consecutive landslide victory to lead Delhi. With the further strengthening of Modi led Hindutva regime the domestic and international character has become more exclusive and corrupt.Minorities including Sikhs, Muslims and Christians are the prime victims of this fascist regime, people from minority groups are being deprived of their basic exigencies. It insinuates evident that, Indian state sponsored Shudhi, Sunghtan movement has resuscitate. The ideological manifestation of Hindutva has got a further sense of acceptance.Its horrific manifestation is in the sphere of militant force. Even founding father of India, Mohandas Gandhi was gunned down, Gujarat riots, Samjhauta Express blasts, mob lynching of minorities etc.These are a number of the significantly horrendous moves opted by militant Hindutva vigilantes.It is christened as Saffron terrorism, which is not only muddling India’s social fabric but also creating a strategic instability in south Asia. It has basically created a basis for social unrest and prospects of a civil war. The saffronisation of India is the main accuse of rise in islamophobia among Hindu community particularly. The BJP sarkar has certainly led the propagation of lies through either means of communication,primarily the promotion of Hindutva ideology through RSS funded think tanks, media outfits and social media forums. BJP funded think tanks and media outfits are primarily the perpetrators of paddling hate and conspiracy regarding the minorities inside and adversaries outside the India. It becomes empirically evident that, the pessimistic Hindutva group becomes vibrant in today’s world employing an efficacious use of media outfits. It is mainly a campaign of un furling lies in order to castthe minds and hearts. Saffronisation of the Indian society is prime culpable behind the religious disharmony, anti-secularist, racist, gender discriminated and extremist society. Over time the Hindutva vigilantes weredespondent, however the post Modi era has given them a new lease of life. Hindutva is now preempted to be the ideology of the most supreme nation “Hindus” in India, as this state is a Hindu majority. This campaign of spreading lies is not only confined to achieve consolidation on domestic and international fronts to malign the adversaries, primarily Pakistan to isolate them on international fronts. BJP govt amid governance failures try to avert the attention of the domestic audience, eulogies Modi for his radical stance over minorities and Pakistan. Often the protestors are branded as Pakistani funded outfits. News anchors perpetrate violent agendas and act as a catalytic factor behind the further corruption of minds. The hate monger policy makers of Modi led Hindutva regime in Delhi defy peace proposals from Islamabad and continuously spreading fake news and hate speech in order to tarnish the international image of Pakistan. One of the recent and prime example isthe autopsy of Indian Chronicles by EU-dis info lab. It was an attempt to tarnish the international relations of Pakistan while incorporating fake organizations, fake news, using names of underrated scholars. Later on the investigations by EU DOS-info lab divulged that, In a nutshell, Indian Chronicles is a 15 year-long operation running since 2005;10+ UN Human Rights Council accredited NGOs, mostly resurrected. Their open-source investigation revealed that the operation led by the Srivastava Group and amplified by ANI began in 2005 and was still ongoing. The operation’s mission is to discredit nations in conflict with India in Asia, in particular Pakistan but also China to a lesser extent. Its long-term objective is, to reinforce pro-Indian and anti-Pakistan (and anti-Chinese) feelings among the domestic audience. To consolidate the power and improve the perception of India, to damage the reputation of other countries and ultimately benefit from more support from international institutions such as the EU and the UN. Kashmir conundrum is one of the prime reason behind the strategic instability in South Asia, however India despite going for a peaceful resolve attempt to malign indigenous Kashmir freedom struggle and try to tag it as Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorism. Often India has conducted false flag operations where accuracy was never considered. Resultantly the investigations revealed that it was a venture to slander the freedom movement. It has been happening over time, however unlike past the intensity and commitment has increased after the inception of Modi. Moreover the CAB and the revocation of article 35A further ignited the existing havoc. Modi led fascist regime is exercisingmajoritarian chauvinism, which is not only creating unrest on domestic fronts rather disturbing the regional stability. Neighboring states have to reorient their policy approach vis-à-vis India. The hatemonger campaign needs to be evaded, otherwise the state of peace may not survive.Saffron India is not only regional threat but also impact the western interest in the region. Moreover, SaffronisedIndia having nuclear weapon also lead to a nuclear war as Dr.Zafar Nawaz Jaspal argue in his article Indian nuclear weapon under Hindu supremacist put the life of 2 billion people under threat.Continuation of Saffronisation, coupled with Modi’s populism and brinkmanshipmay lead to an all out war like situation between India and Pakistan.

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